Discover Urola Garaia

Located in the heart of Gipuzkoa, in the foothills of Aizkorri Aratz Natural Park and 45 minutes from the provincial capital, the region of Urola Garaia is known for its industrial heritage, cultural routes, trails and tourist attractions such as: The Hermitage of La Antigua, Igartubeiti Museum Farmhouse , San Martin de Tours and the Mirandaola Ironworks which, together with the rich variety of gastronomic products and a large number of festivals and celebrations, will delight anyone who wants to see the deepest and most authentic side of Gipuzkoa.

Route of the Three Temples. Land of Saint Ignatius. Zumarraga
Discover our region through horseback riding, mountain bike, interpretation of nature and adventure activities.
Farmstead of the S XVI. Ancestral cider process. Ezkio-Itsaso.
Variety of routes and trails
The key to getting to know this small region is hidden in each of the seven museums, tours, town centres...
It is a rectangle that remains identifiable even today in the old part of the town, despite the changes and urban transformations.
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