Iron Valley

Museum of Iron

  • The museum is located at the entrance to Mirandaola Park, one of the most important recreational and tourism areas in the region.

Erreizabal, ecomuseum of shepherding

  • Discover the world of livestock handling in Legazpi and Idiazabal cheese making.
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The Route of the Workers

  • At the heart of the iron valley the Route of the Workers shows the history of the 50s.

Chillida Lantoki

  • Documented testimonies, machinery and guided tours bring us closer to the author's relationship with Legazpi.
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Igaralde, the bread corner

  • It shows the characteristics of the milling and baking tradition in our region.
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Mirandaola Ironworks

  • The Mirandaola Foundry is one of the most important assets of Gipuzkoa and an icon of the region.
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