Legazpi has a surface area of 42.2 square km and an elevation of 400 m above sea level. The town can be accessed either by the local road Gi-2630 (San Prudencio-Urretxu) or by the Gi-3520 (Legazpi-Segura).

Museums and guided tours
The museum is located at the entrance to Mirandaola Park, one of the most important recreational and tourism areas in the region.
Discover the world of livestock handling in Legazpi and Idiazabal cheese making.
At the heart of the iron valley the Route of the Workers shows the history of the 50s.
Documented testimonies, machinery and guided tours bring us closer to the author's relationship with Legazpi.
It shows the characteristics of the milling and baking tradition in our region.
The Mirandaola Foundry is one of the most important assets of Gipuzkoa and an icon of the region.
Where to eat
Tostas variadas, platos combinados y bocadillos, ensaladas y raciones, helados y postres variados. Se trabaja especialmente con la comida tradicional vasca: pintxos fríos y calientes, tortillas variadas, pintxos elaborados, txipirones a la plancha, croquetas de jamón, etc. Bollería y cafetería, carta de tes e infusiones. Carta de vinos.
Where to stay
Religious heritage
Architecture and civil art
After the Segura exemption and with few financial resources, the people of Legazpi built their first Council Building
It was erected in "Auzolan" by order of Pope Leo XIII
The home of the Bikuña, an important family of forgers and foundry owners.
From the mid-sixteenth century, far from being a simple marker of territorial delimitation, it is a true work of art due to the careful sculptural work that it contains.
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