Zumarraga has a surface area of 18.23 km ² and the town centre is at an average of 356.9 m above sea level.

Museums and guided tours
A journey through the time supported with different museological and technological resources, along Zumarraga and La Antigua history. This trip information increase and complements the visit to the shrine itself.
Route of the Three Temples. Land of Saint Ignatius. Zumarraga
Where to eat
Comedor con comida tradicional vasca y platos combinados. Rabo, callos, chipirones, albóndigas, cazuelitas, ajoarriero, carrilleras, bocadillos, croquetas, tigres, champiñones y cafetería. Menús concertados desde 15€.
Especialidad en carnes y pescados a la parrilla, pintxos fríos y calientes. Carta de vinos.
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Religious heritage
Architecture and civil art
This sculpture by Jorge Oteiza is made up of polyhedrons.
Sculpture of José Ramón Anda, made of cast bronze.
A bronze statue on stone pedestal created ​​by sculptor Aniceto Marinas
Sculpture of an iron figure on a stone pedestal, created by the Ondarroan sculptor Miguel Ángel Lertxundi.
Bust that lies at the foot of the buildings that have kept the name of this Mayor and composer from Zumarraga.
This piece of architecture is a novelty in the Basque Country as it is unique in having an underground crypt where there is a suitable place for the niches.
This building located next to the Town Hall has porticos at the bottom. On the main floor there are four rooms and a balcony.
Construction ending the row of buildings, with similar characteristics to Uzkanga House: hipped roof, ashlar in the corners, and rows of balconies.
Located in an intermediate position between the neighbourhoods of Soraitz and Aranburu, it is a rectangular Tower House with hipped roof.
The birthplace of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, the colonizer of the Philippines
It is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding examples of civil architecture in Zumarraga.
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