Museums and guided tours

Unique museums and indescribable routes can be visited in our region with the help of professional guides. No visitor will remain indifferent to the ironworks shown by the ironworkers themselves, or preparing and tasting cheese together with our shepherds. Chillida Lantoki, the world of bees, bread making, the history of our farmhouses, the lives of the workers and our old towns and churches make our region a unique place to visit.

La Antigua Interpretation Center

  • A journey through the time supported with different museological and technological resources, along Zumarraga and La Antigua history. This trip information increase and complements the visit to the shrine itself.

Hermitage of La Antigua

  • Route of the Three Temples. Land of Saint Ignatius. Zumarraga

San Martin de Tours

  • The temple of Saint Martin de Tours can be considered as rare example of a characteristic form of church construction, using stone and wood, which we can still admire.

Igartubeiti Farmhouse

  • Farmstead of the S XVI. Ancestral cider process. Ezkio-Itsaso.
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Museum of Iron

  • The museum is located at the entrance to Mirandaola Park, one of the most important recreational and tourism areas in the region.


  • The Urrelur Urretxu museum houses one of the largest exhibitions of minerals and fossils from all over the state.
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Erreizabal, ecomuseum of shepherding

  • Discover the world of livestock handling in Legazpi and Idiazabal cheese making.
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The Route of the Workers

  • At the heart of the iron valley the Route of the Workers shows the history of the 50s.

Chillida Lantoki

  • Documented testimonies, machinery and guided tours bring us closer to the author's relationship with Legazpi.
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Igaralde, the bread corner

  • It shows the characteristics of the milling and baking tradition in our region.
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Mirandaola Ironworks

  • The Mirandaola Foundry is one of the most important assets of Gipuzkoa and an icon of the region.

Aikur bee museum

  • Aikur is the first museum of Euskal Herria dealing with the life of bees and their products and the importance of bees in the ecosystem.
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