Aikur bee museum

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    Camino Santa Bárbara
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    630702587 y 943720626
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  • Schedule:
    Weekends 11.00 to 14.00. Guided tours 11:00 and 12:30. By appointment.
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  • Contact:
    Josune 630702587
  • Rate:
    3 €
  • Guided tours:
    Weekends and public holidays:11:00 and 12:30

The museum has two floorsThe lower floor is divided into three areas: mythology and history, beekeeping and pollination and finally bee products. Each area is provided with an interactive tactile display that increases the amount of information available significantly. This floor has all kinds of antique utensils used for beekeeping and old models of beehives used in the Basque Country.

The top floor is dedicated entirely to the life of bees. Modern technology has been used to deepen our knowledge about their organization and communication. This floor has two observation hives and a glass case where a swarm has built combs naturally, allowing visitors to observe these insects directly. How they build the combs, how they see, what the queen looks like, how they communicate by dancing, and the brood nest … will no longer be a mystery. You will see all of this with your own eyes.


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43.094246, -2.328801

Santa Barbara bidea
Urretxu 20700
630702587 / 943720626

  • euskadi-turismoa
  • San Sebastian Region
  • Tierra Ignaciana