“Askatasun Egarria” Mausoleum. 1981

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In 1977, on the centenary of the return of Iparragirre from Uruguay, the Alvaro del Valle Lersundi Foundation arranged a contest between Basque artists to give Iparragirre  a tomb worthy of his memory.

The award was given to a project presented by José Vicente Lasa, a native and resident of Urretxu, representing a dolmen in the shade of an oak tree, sprouting a lauburu. The dolmen is made ​​of stainless steel and consists of a broad deck (whose shape resembles a guitar) on six legs or supports, each of which is engraved with the coat of arms of a Basque province. From the deck, a colossal lauburu escapes towards the sky. The direction that the lauburu points is towards the sapling of the Tree of Gernika that has been planted next to the mausoleum.

This mausoleum, called “Askatasunaren Egarria“, was inaugurated on 5th May, 1981 to mark the centenary of his death, with the presence of the first Basque authorities. The whole town also honoured him, with four herriko semes carrying the platform with his remains from the Meeting Room where they had been deposited to the Cemetery.

Mausoleo “Askatasun Egarria”. 1981

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Mausoleo “Askatasun Egarria”. 1981
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Mausoleo “Askatasun Egarria”. 1981

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