“Baroikoa” Areizaga Palatial Residence

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This palace was built in the seventeenth century by Felipe de Areizaga, whom Charles V granted the title of Baron. Thus the double eagle figure in the family crest lavishly decorating the facade, the only part of the palace that has been preserved.

The house is outside of the town centre, in a suburb that was located next to the highway.

The lintel stone over the entrance contains the inscription:
“The curse of the mother burns children and home at the root.”

The decorative elements are minimal: the grand, but not finely carved, shields flanking the central balcony and the very elaborate double eave crowning the whole, whose profuse decoration makes it the richest of those preserved in the town.

Casa- Palacio Areizaga, 'Baroikoa'

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Casa- Palacio Areizaga, \'Baroikoa\'
43.091989, -2.313416
Casa- Palacio Areizaga, \"Baroikoa\"


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  • San Sebastian Region
  • Tierra Ignaciana