Bust of Ignacio Busca Sagastizabal

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Bust that lies at the foot of the buildings that have kept the name of this Mayor and composer from Zumarraga.

It represents, figuratively, the mature man who achieved fame outside of our town, mainly due to his composition of the Eucharistic hymn of the 22nd International Congress “Let us sing to the love of loves, let us sing to the Lord“. He was also the author of several famous choir pieces performed by Basque choirs.  One example is “Bi eusko abesti”.

Busto de Ignacio Busca Sagastizabal

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Busto de Ignacio Busca Sagastizabal
43.090476, -2.313220
Busto de Ignacio Busca Sagastizabal

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  • Tierra Ignaciana