Erreizabal, ecomuseum of shepherding

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    Erreizabal Baserria, Telleriarte Auzoa
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    Sundays and holidays: 11:30 to 12:30. Guided tours
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    Mirandaola turismo bulegoa
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    Adults: 2,5 €. Groups: 2 €. Children: 2 € (from 4 years)

Ecomuseum of Shepherding

Livestock management and cheese are the two activities offered by Erreizabal, the farmhouse converted into the Ecomuseum of Shepherding. Apart from this, it displays objects and tools that form a timeline of the world of shepherding. Therefore, it makes it possible to take a look back at this sector and everything related to it.

Moreover, one of its entrances is a nice pedestrian walk that winds past several emblematic landmarks of Legazpi. Among others, the path passes the Mirandaola Ironworks, the various dams built along the river Urola in medieval times and other Ironworks that have fallen into disuse.


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43.024635, -2.338457
Erreizabal Baserria, Telleriarte Auzoa
Legazpi 20230
943 73 04 28

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  • Tierra Ignaciana