“Goruntz” Sculpture

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Sculpture of José Ramón Anda, made of cast bronze, with a height of ten meters and a diameter ranging between fifty and one hundred and ten centimetres.

Its vertical construction was specifically designed to avoid affecting the traffic that needs to go through Kalebarren-Areizaga square, which is a communications point between the two villages of Zumarraga and Urretxu, whilst affirming its presence very strongly in this particular location.

The rough cut of the work at the top contrasts with the base, and although at no point does this affect its stability, it creates the appearance of a fragility that will lead to an inevitable collapse. Perhaps, after acquiring the necessary reports on the square and the geographical location where it would be located, the author unconsciously had in mind the symbolism and meaning of a work that could come to represent the relationship between the two connected towns.

Escultura “Goruntz”

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Escultura “Goruntz”
43.091729, -2.313334
Escultura “Goruntz”

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  • Tierra Ignaciana