Iparragirre Monument (1890)

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Statue built in honor of the bard, the sculptor Francisco Font y Pons.  Located in Plaza Iparragirre, it was funded by the institutions together with public donations (both in the Basque Country and in Basque communities in Havana and Buenos Aires, particularly the latter).

It is a life-size statue of Carrara, on a pedestal built with Mañaria quarry. The slab or plinth is made of sandstone, and it is surrounded by an iron railing.  The pedestal, which has the coat of arms of Gipuzkoa on the front, was designed by Denis Acha, a resident of Zumarraga.

The side facing the church reads “José María Iparragirre bere jaioterriak Euskal Erri guztiak baita ere erbesteetan sakabanatutako euskaldunak eskeintzen dioten oroipen au MDCCCLXXXX”. On the right side it states: “Euskal Erriaren oroipena”. And on the left there is a guitar and some music papers which contain the first few bars of “Gernikako Arbola“. The coat of arms of the province, the allegories and the inscriptions are embossed in white marble tablets and the inscriptions are engraved and painted red in the style of ancient manuscripts.

Monumento a Iparragirre

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Monumento a Iparragirre
43.093580, -2.314017
Monumento a Iparragirre

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