Jauregi Haundia-House of Legazpi

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The birthplace of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, the colonizer of the Philippines, it was built by the Lord of Balda several centuries before the birth of Miguel.

This house ceased to be the home of nobles in the second half of the sixteenth century. Thereafter it was home only to peasants, changing its appearance to better accommodate the new duties carried out at the home.

It was in a deplorable condition in the early twentieth century, after being saved by Nicolas de Soraluce in the nineteenth century from destruction during the construction of the railway.

In the 40s, before the expansion in the area of the company “Esteban Orbegozo, SA”, it was declared a National Historic / Artistic Monument. It was subsequently subjected to different types of restoration work, with the installation of a Hispano-Filipino museum in 1964 by its owner, the Provincial Council.

Today it has become a building that provides a venue for countless cultural activities offered in Zumarraga, and the “Sekundino Esnaola Musika Eskola” is based there.

Jauregi Haundia-Casa Legazpi

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Jauregi Haundia-Casa Legazpi
43.086505, -2.319564
Jauregi Haundia-Casa Legazpi
Barrio de Artiz

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