Municipal Cemetery

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This piece of architecture is a novelty in the Basque Country as it is unique in having an underground crypt where there is a suitable place for the niches.

The architect responsible for carrying out this work has sought to recall the inside of Egyptian temples, an area considered as “infinite travel”, that is surrounded by symbols.

“In a space stretched towards infinity, with perspective dilated by the arches and the highlighted beams, the floor marked with lines that streamline the journey and above all with two marginal areas where it seems that something starts where everything must end.”

It has two statues inside: “The Angel of Life” and “The Angel of Death” by the sculptor Vicente Larrea.

Zumarraga, Cementerio Municipal

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Zumarraga, Cementerio Municipal
43.090476, -2.313220
Zumarraga, Cementerio Municipal

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