Residential Palace of Ipeñarrieta

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Outside of the urban area of ​​the town, at the foot of Mount Irimo, is a rural palace: the residential palace of Ipeñarrieta that was built in 1605 by Cristóbal de Ipeñarrieta next to the old and modest family farmhouse.

It is a rectangular building with a central body that sticks out corresponding to the staircase, around which the rooms are distributed. In terms of decoration, the two floors of the palace repeat the austere schemes of the other palaces.

The main floor contains family crests in white Carrara marble with the slogan:
“Soli deo honor et gloria”.

Casa-Palacio de los Ipeñarrieta

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Casa-Palacio de los Ipeñarrieta
43.093948, -2.331333
Casa-Palacio de los Ipeñarrieta

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