San Martin de Tours

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    Plaza Iparragirre
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    943 72 03 51
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    Guided visits prior appointment: 600328921 and 617117960. Mass from Monday to Friday: 19:30. Sundays: 09:30 and 12:30
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    Free entrance

The temple of Saint Martin de Tours, together with that of Nuestra Señora de la Antigua in Zumarraga, can be considered as rare examples of a characteristic form of church construction, using stone and wood, which existed in our country and which we can still admire.

Of medieval origin (in all likelihood, from the time of the foundation of the town), it acquired its peculiar physiognomy during the sixteenth century; the following centuries saw various reforms, such as the construction of the tower in the eighteenth century and the demolition of the apse in 1861 to make way for the road to Azkoitia.

Its austere and rugged construction, along with other indications, suggests that, along with its religious function, in the early days of Urretxu it also had a defensive purpose. Furthermore, around the temple and until the seventeenth century or so, several social activities were carried out. All of this gave it a versatile character that, with the passing of the centuries, gradually disappeared.

With a sober facade, the interior is a blend of Renaissance, Gothic and even Baroque forms, as evidenced by the fact that the vaults are made of wood.

Parroquia de San Martín de Tours

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Parroquia de San Martín de Tours
43.093619, -2.313985
Iparragirre, 13

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