Santa Lucia Pillory

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The pillory was a device used by justice systems for the application of penalties that spread throughout Europe and was widely used between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries. This, together with that of Ukamendia, just 2 km away, are the only ones that still exist in Gipuzkoa.

In other regions of Spain they are known as “rollos”. They were also used to tie down criminals and thieves in order to subject them to public ridicule. In 1811 the Courts of Cadiz abolished the use of these devices, which were mainly remnants of feudal power privileges.

There were many of these devices spread across our geography and their name in Basque is Urka, Urkabe or Urkamendi (gallows or scaffold).

It is in the neighbourhood of Santa Lucia, in the municipality of Ezkio-Itsaso, next to the road leading from Bergara to Beasain. Before it was in another place, very near the present location, but after it was knocked over by a truck it was placed in safer place. It was re-erected on 26th October 26 1990 on two round steps. The shaft has four round pieces that are topped with a conical piece with four arm holes from where the inmates were hung.

The pillory has a total height of 3.50 m.

Picota de Santa Lucía

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Picota de Santa Lucía
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Picota de Santa Lucía

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