The cross of Mendiaraz

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From the mid-sixteenth century, far from being a simple marker of territorial delimitation, it is a true work of art due to the careful sculptural work that it contains.

Today it is in the town of Legazpi, having been moved from its original site.

It is a good example of a Conceptionist cross.

On one side is Christ with well-marked anatomy and emphasized suffering … (the head broke when the cross collapsed in 1971).

On the other side is Maria: standing, as a mother that, with a gesture of tenderness, shows and offers her Son for the salvation of the world.

The sculptor made it out of stone, probably ​​during the seventeenth century, with a great deal of detail, in the Baroque style; capital decorated with acanthus flowers, pomegranate caps at the edges of the cross, angels watching over Christ …

Parents brought their children here so that they could learn to walk. Hand in hand they went around the cross three times at different heights, from the base to the top step, saying three prayers at each turn.

They ended the ritual by kissing the column.

La Cruz de Término de Mendiaraz

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La Cruz de Término de Mendiaraz
43.078339, -2.320991
La Cruz de Término de Mendiaraz

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