The Route of the Workers

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The school, the chapel and the home were the three axes around which daily life revolved in the 1950s, during the industrialization of the region of Urola Garaia. Therefore, these are the three key points of the visit: a classroom at Haztegi school, the chapel attached to the school and a home in the area of ​​San Ignacio. They are all connected by one person, the great entrepreneur Patricio Echeverría, who built the Bellota Factory that both gave work to the people of Legazpi and attracted so many people to the town, increasing its population and therefore also its urban core.

Chillida lantoki

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Chillida lantoki
43.053383, -2.330722
Chillida Lantoki.
Azpikoetxea, s/n.
20230 Legazpi


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