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The pictures that can be seen today in the Meeting Room have been there since 1902, the date on which the Town Hall was renovated to suit its administrative functions (the Council bought this house in 1892 to use it as a Town Hall).

The following paintings are on display:

  • Portrait of Iparragirre (1878). Painted by Antonio Maria Lekuona on the condition that this painting remained in the village where he was born.
  • Portrait of José Vicente Labeaga (1888). A wealthy businessman and the founder of the Labeaga Schools. This portrait from the year 1888 is copy of another painted in 1870 in honour of the founder: with the second the Town Council wanted to pay tribute to this benefactor by placing his portrait in the Town Hall. It was painted by Arturo del Campo Rioja.
  • Portrait of Gaspar de Jauregi (1891). An eminent soldier who fought in the War of Independence, in the First Carlist War and became a Brigadier General. The picture was painted by Henry Donati.
  • Juan I signs the charters of Villarreal.
  • Portrait of Tomás de Ipeñarrieta e Idiaquez.
  • Portrait of Barón Juan Carlos de Areizaga.
  • Trilogy. 1905. These paintings were entrusted to Sabino de Iceta by the Town Council.
  • Portrait of Zenón Aranburu Urkiola. A Jesuit priest. He was evangelizing in China for 35 years. In 1953 he was declared the town’s favourite son and the picture was painted by Felix Vaqueriza (from Zumarra) in 1975.
  • Portrait of Cardenal Necolalde. A son of Urretxu that has passed to posterity because in 1674, whilst he was posted in Valencia, he donated some relics (the bones of St. Anastasia, the martyr of Játiva) to his hometown of Urretxu. From that moment onwards, festivities were held to celebrate this event and these eventually came to overshadow the traditional festivities in honor of the town’s patron, St. Martin. Today the festivities in honor of St. Anastasia are the patron saint festivities of Urretxu.

Apart from all of these paintings, in a room attached to the Meeting Room there are copies of two portraits by Velazquez: those of Diego Corral de Arellano and Antonia de Ipeñarrieta y Galdós. Copies were made by Antonio Barón Calzado, the official copyist of the Prado Museum, and the original can be seen at the Museum in Madrid. Antonia’s father, Cristóbal de Ipeñarrieta, was the chief accountant of Philip III and lived with his family in the court. It appears that the slenderness and height of Antonia, the maid of honor of Queen Isabel of Bourbon, the wife of the King, caught the attention of Velasquez, who painted a portrait of Antonia and her husband.

Ayuntamiento Urretxu

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Ayuntamiento Urretxu
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Ayuntamiento Urretxu

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