Unlike the other three peoples who had a later industrialization, in Legazpi,

the history of iron began in the 11th century, with the wind forges that were located in the mountains (called “haizeolak” wind forges or “gentiletxeak” houses of gentiles). In the 12th century the forges went down to the riverbanks to take advantage of the hydraulic force. In the 15th century, along with agricultural and pastoral activities, there were more than 20 forges.

The forgers or “olagizon” have always fought with the landlords or “baserritarrak”, claiming their status as the first inhabitants of the valley. The real reason was the need for the forests to obtain wood, which was the raw material needed for the operation of the forges. It should be noted that these two groups were governed by different codes of law.


What to see in Legazpi?

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